Thursday, May 19, 2005

My Day (visiting writer)

Hi, I am a normal 11 year old girl. I start my day by getting a boost at Jamba Juice. Then I go to school. At school I have many things to do. After summer I will be in sixth grade (I am really scared about that part). I have many friends. They are so cool, they always got my back. After school I go to gymnastics. My favorite thing to do is a round-off with two backhandsprings. At gymnastics I have many friends who cheer me on when I am so close to getting a new move. I have one sister who is a pain. She can be really annoying at some points but sometimes she can be really nice and helpfun, like when I don't really want to do something she does it for me and then I do something nice for her. I have four dogs, and when it is my turn to feed them, well that is where my sister comes in. And that is my daily life, ( well for the most part).


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