Monday, December 18, 2006

SCREAMERS at Mann Chinese Theater: System of a Down Armenian genocide

Last night Raven and I went to see Screamers at Mann Chinese Theater. She didn't want to see it at first and then she realized that BORAT was playing next door, so she tried to change my mind, she doesn't like System of a Down and then the movie began (documentary style - boring right? - someone being interviewed!), three people got up and left (!) they probably went to see Borat next door!!! Like Raven they probably had preconceived prejudice of a movie made by System of a Down??? The movie's poster looked pretty interesting - would it have made a difference if it said A MOVIE ABOUT THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE???

This is what Raven wrote:

Its funny because i didnt want to see Screamers at first. i dont like System of a Down because i hate hearing all that screaming. its shallow. its all shallow. i tried to convince william to go see Borat (and reflecting i feel stupid at my impatience). The first 15 minutes of Screamers is decieving, much like most of life. You first think its a movie about System of a Down and their 'profound' lyrics and the Armenian Genocide and it is about that and much more. Its about Genocide and Cruelty in general. but why? its so strange to think that these things are capable of happening, hunh? I told william not only America but the entire World (humanity/civilization) is one big Messy house with a bunch of people living in it and you cant even begin to start to know what or when or how to clean it up. you know why...Peace? Sanity?
Its funny because Andrew talked about Rumsfeld and how his final speech could have ended with a sort of apology and an 'i was wrong'. 5 minutes later we moved on to talk about william and how the gallery was disorganized. the gallery needs this and that and this and that should have happened and it was all really bad. william then became short and irritable and had a hard time admitting all this and wanted to just move on to another conversation.
The Truth hurts. its difficult to admit when youre wrong for some odd reason. you boast when youre right and you dont admit when youre wrong. this is extreme i know, but in essense it seems to be the norm. Pride is the only thing i can come up with. Proud to be an American. Im Proud to be an Artist. Im proud to be White. Im proud to be Fat. Im Proud to listen to Jazz or Hip Indie Music. Im Proud to be a Social Radical and wanting to make a Difference in this world.
In this world of Hell we need Pride. Its a sort of Heaven where everybody knows and loves you. "You did good!".
"WOW! Thanks!" or "Yep, I know."
a world of rejection. i guess we need Pride. but what should we be proud of? Existence really. we're not proud to exist. Having pride for existence would cancel out low self esteem issues since you would realize you can do anything you put your mind to in this life. it would cancel out hate because you would then realize we're all living in this weird world together and we really are connected. william and rumsfeld now have something obvious in common. they became connected that very moment i pointed out he (william) was part of that (rumsfeld) very mentality. and this all sounds very harsh and it is. but then william admitted his mistake. Acceptence.
We're living in a world of Denial. we have to Fight to Accept. Denial is already apparent. we should be at WAR for Peace. no, i dont like hurting people. no i dont want to hurt people.
i feel like i hurt tim. or maybe hes indifferent. im okay now. (a week later). but i still havent talked to him. he hurt me so i retaliated. typical, hunh? i need more time.
TIME. WTF. i dont need time. i already have it. and its not need its want.
i love admitting when im wrong. i feel anxiety when i dont. i feel like a monster and i feel like im lying to someone (me or you). its liberating. Enlightening.
Andrew loves The Beatles. his walrus piece symbolizes the death of the beatles. his entire show is a warning he says. a warning that we need to stop killing each other cuz this is what will happen if we continue on. skin and bones everywhere.
we do need to stop killing (deny) each other. its taught tho. we're taught to kill. and im not sure where/when it begins.
Sometimes i enjoy when people misunderstand me. other times it becomes intolerable. depends on who it is. if i dont really respect the persons intellect or being, i enjoy it. if i do respect and admire them, i get sad. i now love System of a Down tho. they're all Armenians. i had no idea or cared before. but its interesting now because the gallery is located 3 blocks away from Little Armenia. (side note: i love the gallerys location because we're right in the middle of the Salvadorian district, Little Armenia, Thai Town and HOLLYWOOD!). Theres a bunch of Armenians buried in the cemetary across the street and now i get that now seemingly crude joke 'Theres more Armenians here in Los Angeles then there is in Armenia!'
Genocide is no joke.
Denial= HATE

Documentary feature examining why genocides keep occurring -- from the Armenian genocide in 1915, to the Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda and now Darfur -- through the eyes and music of the Grammy award-winning rock band “System of a Down,” based in Los Angeles, whose members are all grandchildren of genocide survivors.


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