Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Becky Stark Lavender Diamond at the Echo July 2007

This photograph was taken from the stage using Raven's Konica 3200 ISO Ilford, supposedly its technically 1600 ISO what ever, but that is as far as the dial on the camera goes so I can't say how it would turn out otherwise (the debate continues - what!!@??). I politely waited till they where inbetween songs; another photographer got up after me and obnoxiously stayed on stage, well he was press from some film festival so i guess that pass around his neck gave him that leeway - i'm still waiting to develop the other shots that i took with my Cannon, which has flash which i kinda hate, i have like ten rolls yet to develop $17 each - I didn't label any of them!!!

Random shot because of the auto focus on my Cannon Rebel...I love Raven's old Konica its so simple to dial-in the F-STOP all the buttons on these newer cameras suck - i do want to get a Leica digital though ;-)


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