Friday, March 03, 2006

Homemade Soy Milk!!!!

Well I finally ventured out of the house after being sick for a few days and had breakfast at this fairly new vegetarian café in Pacific Grove. Verrry 1980’s, northern California café vibe and decor (I don’t mean this in a condescending way, some of you might now what I mean) not to digress to much on the vibe/décor comment but I visited many such cafés in the 80’s trekking across Northern California every weekend competing in bike races; I know what I am talking about! After they gave my latte to someone else I found it an opportune time to try their, what turned out to be wonderfully chalky homemade soymilk!!! OH and I found enlightenment reading a book from their library!!! What I got out of it: Try to live (not think to much of the past or future) in the moment because everything else specifically TIME is a construct of our mind which is enslaved by the EGO, which is the cause of most of the problems in our life! I’ll have to find a similar café in Los Angeles uggh, I think I’ve seen one on Hollywood Blvd. uggh, it won’t have the same Nor Cal hippie quaintness, I’m sure of it, uggh…I’m sure it will have an odd hipster or two and maybe an actor – how cool (hey what’s up with all the hipster bashing??? I’m not going there.) I was oblivious BTW before opening a gallery in Hollywood last year I was oblivious of the whole scene, Silver Lake, Echo Park etc. Well I remember those names from when I was a kid in the late 70’s early 80’s living in LA and btw my godmother is buried at Forest Lawn right over the hill. Wow, I just remembered that’s another one of my sentimental reasons for opening a gallery in Hollywood. Goodnight. W.


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