Sunday, February 25, 2007

FIZZ: Motomichi: Japones Hasta La Madre

FIZZ originally concevied as a January exhibit now June 2nd (stay posted)...
OR as it gets developed ....deluxemusique



Here's an interesting factoid...FIZZ...was origianlly suppose to open JANUARY 6TH 2007, we even had a full page ad in the winter edition of MODERN PAINTERS (magazine) notice the European dates ironically (well almost) its turning out to be true in the sense that its been postponed from January 6th to June 2nd... ha-ha-ha ...what!

...we have extened Andrew Krasnow's exhibit OF THE FLESH twice or thrice (it was originally suppose to close December 15th or something) its now February and its suppose to close March 3rd but something is telling me it might be stretched to the last possible date of March 15th (don't ask me, no aswers here)????

FIZZ needed more time (we always need more time) and things are working out just dandy ; -)

We are dedicating one of our gallery sites to FIZZ, well at least most of it, in general the site will cover our music and experimental film happenings...



Saturday, February 24, 2007

FIZZ: Kangaroo Alliance + Of Montreal. Wraith Pinned to the Mist.

Wow FIZZ OPENS June 2nd people, and its what February still! The best planned exhibit for ADM, this is kind of like an inside joke that i'm reveealing, ha-ha-ha... We've (or rather Raven) been working on Fizz since November...

The original inspiration for "FIZZ" "exhibit" came about on a late night drive (3:30am or if its early it was allways 11:11PM on the 10 ...what!) on my summer comute between Hollywood and Malibu (alas the commute was tiresome, the beach made me lazy, and my room rental got hard to pay - probably because I was less productive in one sense (lounging around enjoying the ocean breeze, instead of at my "desk") but on the other hand it made for a very relaxed and creative time....So back to the story, i guess it was actually early November (last week or so before I moved out) and i figured wow (!) lets follow up Andrew's exhibit with a month long MUSIC RELATED EXHIBIT (Andrew Krasnow: of the flesh survey 1990-2005,kind of "heavy" in a sense so something light and colorfull seemed in order POP music videos!!! Well Motomichi is kind of HEAVY)

Of Montreal: Kangaroo Alliance: Wraith Pinned to the Mist

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